Called from 01625912445?

If you have received a call from this number, it will be regarding an application for an insurance policy to Bollington Insurance. You will have either applied to them directly or via an aggregator such as or via a lead generation site.

Why are we calling you?

We (SLGM) operate as a dedicated outbound service for various clients in order to help our clients provide the best service possible to their own clients.

What should I do?

If you require an insurance quote, then please feel free to ring us back and we will transfer you to an available underwriter to provide you a quote. We will look to call again as well though so you don’t have to worry about ringing back if you don’t want to.

What if I don’t want any more calls?

This is no problem, just give us a call and let us know you are all sorted and won’t require a quote. Otherwise, simply await for our next call and tell us you are all sorted and our agent will happily remove you from the system.

I didn’t apply for insurance though?

This is fine. Quite often people apply with other peoples numbers. As annoying as this is, it does happen. Just let us know we have the wrong number when we call again and we will stop calling.