Skyrocket New Business Efficiency through Benchmark Setting, Data Outbounding Strategies & Processes

Offer your applicants a lead inception like no other with our telemarketing processes

Imagine having an efficient, streamlined new business strategy that enabled you to reduce lead wastage and speak with more of your applicants? That’s exactly what SLGM do, and we believe we are the best at it – a bold statement, we know!

How Our Process Works

Benefits Of Using A Dedicated Telemarketing Service

We offer a cost effective and proactive solution that removes the need for your agents to spend time out-bounding data.

Cherry picking leads is an issue many brokers face. Not working leads to their full potential is also another!

Our omnichannel approach using the very smartest of technology combined with unparalleled speed completely removes this issue that many brokerage faces. What’s more, we offer it at the most competitive pricing.

Derived from the systematic approach used on our own data, we bolted on speed and offer it as a service to brokers in order to achieve the most efficient sales process without hammering your bottom line.


We are passionate about our results!


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