Our Outbound Numbers

SLGM are a call centre dedicated to the insurance industry. We help insurance brokers contact their applicants in an efficient and user friendly way, increasing the overall experience of their client.

You may well receive a call from us on one of the below numbers. If you receive a call from one of these numbers, it is just us trying to contact you on behalf of our client. Please feel free to call back on the number OR await our call as we will try again.

If you’d no longer like to receive calls, call us back and our trained agents will remove you from any further communications.

Lancaster Insurance

01480759400 | www.lancasterinsurance.co.uk

Motorhome Protect

01480759401 | www.motorhomeprotect.co.uk

Equesure Insurance

01480759402 | www.equesure.co.uk

The Insurance Factory

01217941992 | www.insurancefactory.co.uk

Taxi Insurer

01217941993 | www.taxiinsurer.co.uk

1Answer Insurance

01323573748 | www.1answer.co.uk

Bollington Insurance

01625448644 | www.bollington.com

Total Insurance

01795716118 | www.total-insurance.co.uk