Damage Control your 24hr Old Data

Many brokers consider their 24hr old data to be no good and struggle to justify agent hours spent on old data with fresh new prospects arriving all the time.

Because SLGM don’t have to worry about writing quotes, we can spend more time on calling. We have the facility to take on your 24hr old data and pass it through our systems. We shall then call the data tirelessly until it is clear it is not picking up. Running it through our lead recycling system allows your agents to concentrate on new prospects whilst not throwing away your old data. This helps drop the brokers cost per policy.

This system can also be used on aggregate data. If you have got access to applicants who have found you through an aggregator yet cannot get hold of them, passing their details to us can help you increase your chances of speaking to them.

This service is also charged out in the same way as call buying meaning you only pay if we successfully transfer it to you.

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